Deluded Donald (Trump)

So how about that press conference earlier by Trump…all sorts of crazy…

But what is really going on with Donald Trump or what he’d ‘brand’ himself as…deluded Donald.

In essence he’s a man who has extremely low self esteem who has by chance found himself in the most powerful position on earth…through funding, braggadocio, bluster, throwing many balls in the air and being extremely fortunate that some have landed enabling him to further himself…his success is not through any pre meditated strategy/insight/intellect but through a confluence of events leading him to the white house…he’s a con man, a charlatan who has riden a wave right to the top. Of course he’s fallen off that wave many times (bankruptcies/business failures etc) but being the deluded chancer that he is he gets right back up throws more shit at more walls and crosses his fingers that more of it will stick…if you do it enough times something will, of course, stick.

He is a prime example of someone without empathy or conscience who shouts loud enough/bullies enough people can rise to the top. Arguably you need some nous to get to a certain point and deluded Donald not totally devoid of talent. Donald is a good self promoter (in the PT Barnum mould) and branded his republican adversaries well in the primary but the bottom line is the more you see of him the more obvious it becomes that he’s totally oversold himself and finds himself completely out of his depth in his current position…which when you are the President of the United States becomes problematic.

Add in his totally deluded sense of self and his inability to decipher reality and there could be problems for everyone down the line.

As his press conference shows the propagandaist in chief has immense difficulty in viewing the world in a way which goes against the impression of himself he has formed in his head. He simply rejects any information/facts which contrast his perception of self…his brain simply cannot process stuff like that.

His incessant need for praise/ego stroking is a window into his deep rooted low self esteem. This low self esteem is one of reasons fueling such a deluded impression of self. He knows he’s a fraud and knows he’s incompetent and realises that the image he has spent his entire life fabricating to everyone outside his own head in a desperate bid to get others to view him how he views himself is in danger of blowing up in front of the whole world.

Today’s unhinged performance is one which indicates deluded Donald is not a man who can last 4 years under the microscope facing constant scrutiny and criticism as he exposes himself as being a fraud. His head is not wired to be able to handle that.

That should be a worry for everyone.

Already you have seen that in an effort to hide his incompetence deluded Donald has operated a chaotic administration and a chaotic press conference (Feb 17th) all which are classic distraction tactics…if there’s enough chaos and a whirlwind throws everything up in the air no will see the underlying incompetence and ineptitude of trump. He’s dodging the inevitable exposure of himself as long as he can.

It’s alarming that he has needed to do this this early in his tenure…as the realisation hits trump that he’s being found out who knows what he will resort to, to stave off people seeing him for what he really is…an incompetent blowhard


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